Made for Trade - Spirits success abroad


The European spirits sector is publishing its annual trade report ‘Made for trade: spirits success abroad’ which shows that after a small decrease in 2014, spirits bounced back in 2015 with export sales reaching over €10 billion.  This positive performance makes a significant contribution to EU economies in creating growth and jobs.  




Looking back to better look forward - spirits responsible drinking initiatives in Europe

We want our products to be understood, consumed and enjoyed in moderation. We are concerned about the consequences of the misuse of alcohol. Working together with others at European, national and community levels, we act to encourage responsible behaviour among the general public as well as among those most at risk. In this publication, we illustrate how we go about it with a small sample of our 402 initiatives across Europe.



Investing in the future: can education help fix underage drinking in Europe?

Published in October by the London Forum for Science and Policy, this literrature review was presented at a workshop organised by spiritsEUROPE on 20 October in Brussels. There are a variety of successful programmes that showcase the considerable impact school based education can have on reducing underage drinking. More work needs to be done to ensure schools have the resources to implement these interventions, share best practice, and access information relevant to the needs of their pupils. Programmes that educate participants about realistic social norms, that focus on life skills rather than purely alcohol knowledge, and that take into account the views of teachers and local educators when implementing lessons are more likely to succeed and should be encouraged... 



Report on Alcohol Education Programmes to Help Reduce Underage Drinking (Contribution to the European Alcohol & Health Forum)


This report summarises and analyses nine case-studies of education programmes that teach underage students about the risks of alcohol misuse. These programmes have been developed in Spain, the Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and France and a level of financial support from the industry is a common factor between them all. The objective of this report is to identify best practices and to extrapolate a set of common principles to help guide future programmes... 


Growth driver: trade, trade, trade...

Every hour, every day of the year, the sale of high value, locally-rooted European spirits abroad generates €1.1 million for the EU.  Put another way, a staggering €9.6 billion per year flows into Europe because of sales of our iconic spirits around the world. 


The 2015 annual trade report “Growth driver: trade, trade, trade” details the sector’s recent export track record and our input for the revised EU Trade Strategy.



Tax - a brake on European spirits growth (April 2015)

32 tax increases in 19 countries over the last two years have had a very negative impact on consumers and distillers. 


spiritsEUROPE highlights the difference in tax treatment between alcohol beverages, stressing that high taxes do not always generate the expected revenues and do not reduce alcohol-related harm. Excessive tax also acts as  an incentive for black markets to flourish.


Example de prevention programmes to reduce underage and binge drinking (2015)

Good examples showing why all relevant stakeholders should work in partnership, not in silos.


Spirits of Europe - The Faces and Places of a sector (November 2014)

The success of the European spirits sector is based on tradition, know-how and secret recipes handed down through generations of passionate people.  For instance, do you know how pears get inside a 

schnapps bottle?  Take a trip across Europe and soak up the facts and anecdotes of the sector.



spirits: committed to reducing alcohol-harm - October 2014


To be effective, an alcohol strategy should focus on the real issue, i.e. on harm which should be the target and not on consumption per se.  All relevant stakeholders should work in partnership and not in 

silos, as often the case and anything we do (from policy to actions) should be based on robust evidence.



spirits: a European power house for trade - June 2014


Data confirm European spirits as an export leader in Europe.


The Glass Half Full, November 2013


"We draw condidence from the resilience of the sector, and th opening of new markets around the world.

We talk it up".


Spirits Export Data 2012  (published February 2013)


First agri-food exporter with €10 bn in 2012, a 22% increase compared to 2011.



      A Spirit of Growth - November 2012




spiritsEUROPE Guidelines for the Development of Responsible Marketing Communications
(new version)



March 2012 - Contribution EU strategy on alcohol harm reduction





Road Map 2015 -


  • Progress Report 2011
  • Progress Report 2012
  • Progress Report 2013
  • Progress Report 2014



Charter Implementation Report 2005-2010




December 2010 - The contribution of spirits industry to the EU economy - full report




December 2010 - The contribution of spirits industry to the EU economy - summary