The General Assembly: The General Assembly is the decision-making body of spiritsEUROPE and meets twice a year. It sets the direction of the organisation, agrees the budget and approves the organisation's strategic plan for the forthcoming year. It consists of all members of the organization, each represented by a permanent delegate.

The Board: The Board fills the gap between General Assemblies, ensuring urgent decisions are not delayed unnecessarily. It comprises the President, the Treasurer and 3 representatives of national trade associations and 3 representatives from the multinational companies.

The President: The President is elected for two years and supports the organisation in delivering the mission and objectives. 

Ian McLernon

CEO of Rémy Cointreau EMEA, Asia Pacific (ex-Greater China) and Global Travel Retail

President of spiritsEUROPE

Ian McLernon is the Chief Executive Officer of Rémy Cointreau EMEA, Asia Pacific & Global Travel Retail, a member of the Group Executive Committee and responsible for Commercial Excellence Globally. McLernon has served Rémy Cointreau for over 6 years, previously as President & CEO of the Americas region based in New York, and as CEO of Global Travel Retail based in Singapore. Prior to joining Rémy Cointreau, he held a number of general management positions with the LVMH Group based in Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. 

Press release on the election of Ian McLernon

Standing Committees: There are 4 Standing Committees in spiritsEUROPE as well as ad-hoc working groups dealing with specific policies or technical issues, such as Environment & Sustainability.  They are open to all the members, meet at least 3 times a year and position papers are formulated based on consensus reached within each committee. 

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