#SpiritofInnovation – new website section launched to explain novel sector trends & developments

Brussels, 17 November 2021 – spiritsEUROPE has launched a new website section that explains novel sector trends such as premiumisation and no- and low-alcoholic ‘spirits’.

Describing the broad trend of consumers ‘trading up’ and choosing more premium products in the quest for unique, authentic consumption experiences, premiumisation has become a key driver behind value growth in spirits sales around the world, as consumers look for increasingly exciting and high-quality experiences and choices to suit their tastes.

“Of all alcoholic beverages, spirits are best placed to answer to the premiumisation trend thanks to the breadth of the category and its unique ability to produce complex, high-value, aspirational products supported by traditional skills and techniques such as, for instance, macerating, mixing or ageing”, said Ulrich Adam, Director General of spiritsEUROPE.

The new, fast-growing category of no- and low-alcoholic ‘spirits’ enjoys increasing popularity and is part of a broader trend among European consumers to differentiate their consumption and to adjust drinks preferences to occasions. In terms of their presentation, packaging, taste profile or consumption pattern, products in this category are structurally similar, comparable to or alternatives to traditional spirit drinks – such as, for instance, gin.

“The multiple new product launches in the ‘no & low’ category in recent years are a strong testimonial to the ability of Europe’s spirit drinks sector to innovate and respond to consumers’ demands by broadening product choice.”

Find out more about these trends and developments at: https://spirits.eu/a-spirit-of-innovation/introduction-7




For more information, please contact: Ulrich Adam, Director General of spiritsEUROPE - Tel: +32 477 63 67 - adam@spirits.eu

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17.11.2021 #SpiritofInnovation – new website section launched to explain novel sector trends & developments
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