Spain: “Not a single drop for minors”

On 22 February, FANUSE (The Large Family Association), with the support of the town-hall of Seville and FEBE (spirit producers), is inviting Rocio Ramos-Paul, the Spanish ‘Super Nanny’ to guide those parents who are worried about underage drinking.  This meeting is part of a large campaign “Menores ni una gota” (Not a single drop for minors) that is run by the Ministry of Health together with a large network of town-halls, celebrities and FEBE.  The campaign message is that minors should not drink and explains the impact that premature drinking can have on their health.  The campaign has created a ground swell across the entire community that supports parents, educators and minors in confronting underage drinking.  The website, provides practical tools and advice for parents on how to discuss alcohol abstinence with children.  Super Nanny, a well-known psychologist, has developed a guide that explains to parents how to engage in these sometimes difficult conversations.  

The meeting in Seville offers a face-to-face opportunity with Super Nanny to share her tips and tricks with parents.  One of the key messages she will deliver that day is that parents who set limits whilst listening and remaining warm and loving have more success “protecting” their teens when it comes to drinking than those who are strictly authoritarian or overly permissive.  On 17 February, El Instituto para la Excelencia Profesional has awarded FEBE a “Golden Star” for all the prevention activities developed over the years on responsible serving of alcohol, drink-driving, underage-drinking and more generally to promote responsible drinking.