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#SpiritOfSustainability: Driving responsible & sustainable actions, making a positive contribution to society

Centuries of skill, culture and tradition go into making fine spirits, and for generations people have enjoyed them with their feet up in front of the fire, sitting around a garden table in summer or during celebrations with family and with friends.  

We acknowledge that our products can be, and are abused and misused by a minority and the consequence of that misuse is a blight on our society and on our sector.  

Actions are being taken by civil society, politicians, law enforcers, and drinks producers and retailers alike to increase awareness of the dangers associated with harmful drinking, and to promote responsible attitudes to drinking, especially among those at risk, in particular underage people. Reports published by IARD in Summer 2019 brings together data on trends in underage drinking, heavy episodic drinking and drink-driving at the national level and showcases how partnerships among private and public sectors and communities, underpinned by appropriate regulation can support harm reduction strategies.

For many, many years, spiritsEUROPE has also encouraged companies to uphold the highest standard for commercial communications.  Guidelines covering the content and placement of our commercial communications online and offline are regularly updated and we offer face-to-face training sessions to marketing professionals to ensure our communications are directed to those adults who can lawfully buy our products. 

As European spirits producers, we firmly believe that, in order to be sustainable, economic development must be conducted in socially responsible ways – and with respect to the environment and our planet.  We are actively committed to play our part and we are providing in a  publication 100% sustainable from #Farm2Glass an overview of our environmental footprint to-date.

Visit our which provides a unique overview of selected actions undertaken by the sector in partnership across Europe in order to reduce harmful drinking, promote responsible consumption, and to advance environmental sustainability along the entire value chain.

A Spirit of Sustainability

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