Trade Review 2017 - Time to Stand Up for Trade

Our 2017 Trade Review has been published: increased exports in 2016, good growth prospects but dependent on even quicker EU trade push, reallocation of staff resources to this 'growth and jobs' agenda, and rejection of creeping protectionism. The glass is definitely half full. Time to stand up for trade!

Opening speech : H.E. Mr Mark Higgie -  Ambassador of Australia  to the EU

Panel Discussion:

* MEP Emma McClarkin - Member of INTA 

* Hanna Deringer, Policy Analyst - ECIPE

* Cristina Esparza, CEO - Hijos de Pablo Esparza (Spain)

* Paul Skehan, Director General - spiritsEUROPE

Closing speech: Commissioner Cécilia Malmström

“Standing up for trade is essential if we are to cut through what appear to be increasingly vocal and assertive anti-globalisation lobbies.”
Mark Higgie, Ambassador of Australia to the EU