U-Label by Scantrust: A Powerful Technology Partnership to Elevate E-Labeling for Wine & Spirits Producers

U-Label and Scantrust, leaders in electronic labeling (e-label) solutions for the wine and spirits industries, today announced a strategic partnership to facilitate the easy creation of e-labels for wine, aromatized wine and spirit drinks.

Scantrust, a leading provider of user-friendly QR code compliance solutions, and U-label, the industry initiative developed by the European Committee of Wine Companies (CEEV – Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins) and spiritsEUROPE, have joined forces to release a new version of the U-label platform, named U-label by Scantrust.

The new version of the solution will make it even easier for wineries to meet the new E.U. labeling rules in a cost-effective and compliant way and for spirits producers to progress on the implementation of its Memorandum of Understanding on consumer information adopted in June 2019. U-label by Scantrust generates QR codes linked to ingredient and nutritional information, accessible directly by scanning their wine with a smartphone.

This partnership leverages Scantrust’s cutting-edge QR-code and e-label technology as well as U-label’s track record and deep understanding of the European wine and spirits industry regulations. CEEV and spiritsEUROPE will continue to provide their strong backing and deep knowledge of the wine and spirits industries to the U-label initiative, ensuring that wine producers can meet all EU Regulation 2021/2117 requirements with ease.

“When we conceived U-label, our goal was to empower European wine producers large and small with an affordable turnkey solution for navigating the new labeling regulations. This partnership with Scantrust represents a significant milestone in achieving that goal. By combining their QR code technology and user-friendly platform for creating e-labels, with U-label’s industry and compliance expertise, we can now offer companies an unparalleled combination of ease, efficiency and regulatory assurance," said Ignacio Sánchez Recarte, CEEV Secretary General.

“Consumers want comprehensive information at their digital fingertips, and this is what U-label by Scantrust is offering. As European spirits producers, we are progressing fast in providing comprehensive, easily accessible consumer information via e-labels in combination with energy-information on-pack. U-label by Scantrust allows spirits producers large and small to roll out state-of-the-art digital labelling solutions together with an experienced and reliable partner.” said Ulrich Adam, Director General of spiritsEUROPE.

“We truly believe that this partnership with Scantrust will allow us to bring together the best of our respective assets and result in a stronger, more effective cutting-edge e-labelling platform, for the benefit of wine and spirit companies’ and consumers’ alike,” said Loan Delaunay, CEO of U-label.

“We are thrilled to partner with U-label, CEEV and spiritsEUROPE to provide winemakers and spirits producers with the most advanced and user-friendly e-labeling solution," said Nathan J. Anderson, CEO of Scantrust. "By combining our expertise and resources, we are confident that U-label by Scantrust will deliver an unmatched customer experience with enhanced compliance assurance, and overall a superior e-labeling platform."

The next version of the U-label platform, called U-label by Scantrust, offers several key benefits to wine companies and spirits producers:

  • Meets all EU Regulation 2021/2117 requirements including recent clarifications by the European Commission.
  • Many time-saving features, such as multi-user access, mass uploading e-label data via integrations, intelligent redirection rules outside the EU and more  
  • Enhanced customer experience combining Scantrust’s global support team and U-label’s wine industry knowledge.
  • Cost-effective solution: Includes a free-forever plan, with additional features and capabilities
  • Advanced features: Customers can now benefit from additional offerings including secure QR codes for protection from fakes, product and distributor traceability, and consumer engagement tools for non-EU markets.

To learn more about U-label by Scantrust please visit www.u-label.com


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U-label bridges the gap between wine and spirits companies and consumers by providing easy access to relevant, required product information. U-label makes it easy for companies to embark on their digital transformation journey. Partnering with EU wine and spirit associations, we combine in-depth knowledge of European legal frameworks with excellent technical capability.


Scantrust is a global software company headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland with over 10 years of experience managing electronic labels through billions of QR codes. Some of the world’s most recognizable brands use Scantrust QR codes for regulatory compliance, consumer engagement, anti-counterfeiting and supply chain traceability. Learn more about Scantrust here.


Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins - CEEV represents the EU wine companies in the industry and trade of still wines, aromatized wine products, sparkling wines, liqueur wines and other vine products. Bringing together 25 national organizations and a consortium of 4 major companies, CEEV’s member companies produce and market the large majority of quality European wines, with and without geographical indication, and account for over 90% of European wine exports.


spiritsEUROPE (www.spirits.eu) represents the interests of the spirits sector in 31 national associations as well as of the 10 leading multinational companies.  Distilled spirits are as diverse as the EU’s Member States, spanning 44 product categories and including a host of geographically-specific products that contribute to the culture of their regions and the European Union.  As the leading voice of the European spirits sector, we seek to maintain and advance the freedom to produce and market spirits in a responsible way.

For more information, please contact:

Ulrich Adam – Director General - Tel: +32 477 63 67 51 – Adam@spirits.eu


08.03.2024 U-Label by Scantrust: A Powerful Technology Partnership to Elevate E-Labeling for Wine & Spirits Producers
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