spiritNEWS June 2023

Estonia: if you drink, drink some water in between

The campaign was developed in response to the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs' 2014 "Green Paper on Alcohol Policy," which recommended providing free water to reduce intoxication. The paper suggests consuming one glass of water for every alcoholic drink, highlighting the dehydrating effects of alcohol on the body. To support this initiative, the campaign employed a variety of tactics, including a dedicated website, social media promotions, and activations in off-trade and on-trade establishments.

Bars have been instrumental in helping patrons regulate their drinking by serving them water using pitchers adorned with the campaign logo. Additionally, table displays have QR codes directing consumers to the website, which features an interactive map showing participating venues. In-store audio messages remind customers of the importance of staying hydrated, and door stickers were displayed in 47 HoReCa establishments.

In 2022, the campaign's social media activity was impressive, with 17 Facebook posts reaching 640,750 people and receiving 7,071 engagements. Ads on Instagram and Facebook reached 45,151 people, while on YouTube, they reached 202,000, resulting in 398,000 impressions. Ads on Google had 114,000 views and 907,000 impressions.

The campaign's website was promoted on popular Estonian news websites, Delfi.ee & Postimees.ee, with 2.6 million impressions, 918,000 unique views, and 5,371 clicks to the campaign website. 464 water decanters were distributed as part of the campaign.

A post-campaign survey of 1,215 participants revealed that 33% of respondents increased their awareness of the campaign and its message, and 66% felt this type of campaign was necessary or important. More importantly, 93% of respondents indicated that they would start drinking water when consuming alcoholic beverages.

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