spiritsNEWS July 2023

Let’s Celebrate Europe's Cocktail Culture: Tradition, Innovation & Responsible Enjoyment
Behind the cocktail culture across Europe are people who, with their connection to tradition as well as their sense of innovation, shape the spirit of the times in this field. Let’s appreciate the creativity, and enthusiasm of those who work daily to promote a vibrant cocktail culture in their country
A New Impetus for EU-CELAC Relations
With the start of the Spanish Presidency, the publication of the New Agenda for Relations between the EU and Latin America & the Caribbeans, and the EU-CELAC Summit (17-18 July), all conditions are in place to give fresh impetus to trade relations between the EU and CELAC
Europe's Spirits Producers Successfully Achieve Energy On-Pack Target, Marking Milestone in Multiannual Labelling Commitment
The sector also reports sustained progress in rolling out digital consumer information solutions
PPWR - It’s the inner values that count! #RethinkReuse
Spirits drinks are unique as most spirits do not deteriorate in quality once the packaging is opened, unlike other (alcoholic) beverages. This fact substantially expands the average active life span of our glass bottles – and aggregate, mandatory reuse targets may jeopardise environmental benefits.
“When and how much”– New responsible drinking campaign in Bulgaria
spiritsBULGARIA expands its socially responsible activities in universities, organizing a students’ competition for visual communication of responsible alcohol consumption
spiritsEUROPE trade mission to Malaysia and Thailand
spiritsEUROPE embarked on a trade mission to Malaysia and Thailand on the occasion of an EU export promotion seminar in Bangkok, from 6 to 9 June, ahead of the restart of EU-Thailand negotiations.
EU’s glass value chain confirms glass collection rate at a steady progress: 80.1% reached in 2021
Glass recycling is a highly integrated system from post-consumer waste to high-quality (secondary) raw materials for manufacturing new bottles and jars. In fact, 96% of the total tonnage effectively recycled in 2019 was recycled in a glass manufacturing process.
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