We need a practical, quick solution to avoid a new barrier to trade with China

In April, China’s General Administration of Quality, Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) sent a note to foreign embassies in Beijing regarding a new certification requirement.  Specifically, Chinese importers must provide to AQSIQ an official certificate - issued by the competent authority in the exporting country - that the food complies with China’s food safety laws, regulations and standards.  The certificate requirement will be enforceable from 1 October 2017.  After that date, food and beverage alcohol imports that are not accompanied by an official certificate will not be allowed into the Chinese market.

Many countries have challenged this new requirement from China both on the product coverage as well as its implementation.  However, China will not step down regarding the certification requirement.  While this requirement is unnecessarily burdensome, it is crucial for the EU, Member States and economic operators to find a practical solution by late June that would be easy to handle for both large and small exporters to China, exporting directly or via logistics hubs.