An Award for CETANOW campaign: a big thanks to the Jury... and to the Mounties!

“CETA NOW - #add the W” is a campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the opportunities CETA offers. The campaign provided a platform for the silent supports willing to have a voice in the discussions and demonstrated why CETA was a win-win proposal for Europe. The campaign had a positive outcome: CETA was voted on 15 February 2017 by the European Parliament and provisionally came into force on 21 September 2017.  It was nice to read some of the assessments of our campaign made by the the European Association Awards Judging Panel 2018 such as "A very creative way to make your position visible. Well planned, with a human touch, a very interesting campaign which had an impact and involved different communication tools."

The lesson we draw from this great campaign and we want to share with you is: 1) be emotional and adapt to social media; 2) entertainment goes a long way…; use good consultants; and 4) have interns ready in the office to dress up!

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