Reducing underage drinking in the Netherlands

The Kikid programmes aims to develop a real dialogue with underage people about themes that are important to them such as alcohol, drugs, relationships and sexuality, social media, money and debt, peer pressure and (cyber) bullying.

The one on “Booze” developed in partnership with STIVA in 2016, aims to raise awareness of drinks, peer pressure and choices for young people aged 12 to 16 years old (1st to 3rd grade in high school). Parties, drinking games, coma bidders, binge drinking are situations to which minors can be confronted, and yet they do not have the knowledge and skills to make the right decision. Unprepared makes vulnerable. The Booze programme offers a 90 to 120 minutes session covering:

  • a combination of theatre, education, discussion and creative assignments
  • awareness of dangers, limits and peer pressure
  • introduction to everything about drinks
  • insight into individual own choices
  • use of trained peer educators who can really reach young people and engage them

In March 2018, Kikid launched a snapshat account. Every Thursday between teenagers can ask questions via Snapchat for one hour. Twice a week a “story” is posted which includes about 7 snaps with a question or a tip.

Since the start of the Booze programme in 2016

  • 116 theatre programmes have been held reaching around 6,000 young people (76 theatre programmes reaching 3,690 teenagers in 2018 alone)
  • 400,000 young people have been reached online, generating on average 150,000 impressions a month.
  • The Booze programme will be evaluated in 2019 with a Dutch University but the evaluation of other Kikid programmes showed that young people who have participated are more aware of their own wishes, limits and the influence of peer pressure on their decisions. Since the start of the Booze programme in 2015

A video explaining the project and a website containing more information is available here.