A new cocktail for Europe: achieving the right mix for EU policies

Ahead of the upcoming European elections, we have shared our list of priorities with the Spitzenkandidaten and political groups in the European Parliament. We’ve called it “a new cocktail for Europe: achieving the right mix for EU policies”. And we believe the next legislature should be shaped by three guiding principles: first of all, a Spirit of Integration to defend & deepen the EU’s Single Market, the backbone of the food & drinks sector. The EU needs to remain watchful against the emergence of technical barriers to intra-community trade and make the Single Market future-proof for the digital age.  

Seondly, we call for a Spirit of Ambition in the area of trade: the strategy of the European Commission supported by the European Parliament over the last 5 years on external trade issues should be maintained and reinforced. What we need is a positive & assertive EU Trade Strategy that defends the international rules-based trading system against rising protectionist challenges around the world. European spirits are a global export success story par excellence, creating local jobs & growth.

Finally, a Spirit of Cooperation should prevail when formulating, implementing, and reinforcing EU legislation. We strongly believe that a successful partnerships between the public and the private sector are a key driver to progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), be it in the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) or the fight against climate change. As spirits sector, we are fully committed to playing our part!

On this note, we look forward to the political debate on the European elections tonight and to a lively online engagement with the candidates.

Ulrich Adam*

Director General

*In his capacity as permanent representative of SPRL ADLOR Consulting