spiritsNEWS October 2019

We call on the future Commission to invest more in SMEs & cut red tapes to help craft distillers in rural communities
The incoming Commission has to take SMEs, rural communities and tourism seriously, and recognises the opportunities they offer (…)
Never waste a good crisis
This year’s WTO Public Forum offered a unique opportunity to reaffirm why businesses need a predictable, rule-based trading order. (…)
Unanimous call for an immediate end to tarrifs on spirits
There are no winners in a trade war. @EU-US, let’s go back to the negotiating table! (…)
WHO opens a consultation on the Global Alcohol Strategy
The consultation offers the opportunity to reflect on the fact that since 2006 when the EU Alcohol Strategy was adopted and 2010 when the Global Alcohol Strategy was enacted, alcohol-related harm has been declining in Europe (…)
All drinks are equal, why treat them differently?
Ahead of the ECOFIN Council on 8 November, we call on Member States and Commission to close the widening discriminatory gap in terms of reduced excise duty rates that is opening up between craft cider-makers/brewers on the one hand, and craft distillers on the other (…)
Consumer information on nutrition information and ingredients listing
An overview of the progress made to-date (…)
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