spiritsNEWS March 2021

Moderation Matters!

Moderation Matters was created to raise awareness of the importance of drinking responsibly and within legal limits.

It took place during the Christmas season with the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the restrictions put in place because of the pandemic resulted in fewer social gatherings, the risks associated with drinking too much, particularly at home, were still present, if not enhanced.  Reminding consumers about moderate alcohol consumption remains very relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic as some are more susceptible to the stresses caused by the crisis and potentially drink more as a result.

Aimed at a very wide audience, the mass media campaign used hard-hitting facts to drive home the message that excessive drinking can lead to life-impacting outcomes. Vivid imagery and videos were paired with the facts to further convey the impact of alcohol abuse and intoxication. Focus was on the benefit of moderation even when personal, family and public situations are stressful and demanding. In addition to reminding people to drink responsibly, information and guidance on the impact of alcohol abuse were also shared. 

The messages reached more than 1 million people via billboards and social media. The campaign evaluation was done via an online survey with 385 participants and showed that younger age groups were more likely to drink to socialise or to get drunk. Drinking too much, having a hangover, and driving drunk decreased with age. Older age groups were more likely to drink daily, but less likely to drive drunk. 

More details are available on www.drinksinitiatives where we record the prevention campaigns delivered at national level in public/private partnerships to fight excessive drinking and promote responsible consumption.

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