spiritsNEWS May 2021

Out now: Annual Report on our Responsible Drinking Initiatives (RDIs)

While we regret that the European Alcohol and Health Forum is no longer operational, our commitment to reducing alcohol-related harm has not wavered. Our latest Annual Implementation Report 2020 shows the work spiritsEUROPE members have done throughout 2020.

The 2020 report provides an insight into the 102 prevention programmes ongoing across Europe. These programmes are aimed at promoting responsible drinking, often incorporating social media and innovative approaches to widen the audience.

43 prevention programmes are dedicated to fighting underage drinking. These programmes have certainly contributed to the significant decline in youth drinking, as highlighted by the latest ESPAD Report published last November (European School survey project on alcohol and other drugs: summary of findings on alcohol consumption among 15-16-year-olds in EU countries & Norway)

The same is true for our long-term commitment to combat drink-driving.  We have promoted the use of the designated driver figure since 2007 when we joined the European Road Safety Charter.  This figure has become widely understood among young adults and is increasingly so among the older generation. The pressure of enforcement of rules by police forces, combined with prevention campaigns, has been instrumental in achieving this change in behaviour which is reflected in positive trends as reported by the EU.

Over 80 actions with public-private partnerships are recorded on drinksinitiatives.eu to promote responsible drinking and fighting heavy episodic drinking. The whole-of-society approach is key to reducing binge drinking. In the European region, heavy episodic drinking went down by 26% since 2010 (ages 15–19: down by 28% / ages 20–24: down by 23% - see more here).

Our programmes have had a tangible impact and have contributed to driving positive changes in a number of these trends. Thanks to everyone involved in these important projects and: let’s keep up the good work!

Detailed information on all actions is available on www.drinksinitiatives.eu

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