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Portugal: promoting responsible drinking at music festivals

The best prevention activities are the ones done locally at point of sale or consumption, encouraging people to adopt a responsible drinking behaviour and supporting bar staff to enforce the legislation on underage drinking.

ANEBE has for long invested in two major campaigns: “Minors, not a single drop” and “Drink with your head“ to promote moderate consumption. Both campaigns have been implemented successfully at music festivals this summer.

In the first week of June, ANEBE was present at "Queima das fitas", a major academic event at the University of Évora. In total, 5,000 reusable cups, designed with the "Drink With Your Head" logo, were distributed. The key messages on responsible drinking, in particular drinking water, were very important to raise awareness among participants. "It's our responsibility to ensure the prevention of risks, especially in events of this magnitude, and ANEBE partnership was crucial" - said the President of the Academic Association of Évora.

As in previous editions, ANEBE was also present at Rock in Rio Lisbon end of June, in partnership with DICAD (Division of Intervention in Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies) of the Regional Health Administration of Lisbon. University Students – very visible with colourful shirts and flags (18+) - were meeting with participants checking on age and placing a wristband on the arm of those over 18-year-old. ANEBE trained the bar staff to strictly enforce the law, to learn how to recognize the 18+ wristband and to refuse service to those underage or intoxicated. The 70 trained volunteers reached about 20,000 people offering wristbands to those "18+" which permitted bar staff to avoid selling to underage people; and reminded them about responsible drinking (More here and here).

In early September, ANEBE was present at the first edition of MEO Kalorama, the last big summer festival in Europe. As well as in Rock In Rio, during 3 days ANEBE promoted the 18+ Action. The volunteers have been properly trained and reached more than 5,000 people at the venue. A workshop was held with almost 100 bar staff to help them complying with the law. In addition, each bar had the campaign signs warning about the ban on selling to minors displayed on walls, helping bar staff to avoiding incidents with consumers in case of service refusal.

Finally, in the last weekend on 9 & 10 September, ANEBE attended the 5th edition the Gin and Street Food Sessions in São João da Madeira (Porto Region). As for the other festivals, the outcome was extremely positive. Of the 20,000 people at the festival, ANEBE's action managed to reach around 5,000 participants and distributed more than 1000 "18+" wristbands (more in here.)"

More examples at www.drinksinitiatives.eu

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