spiritsNEWS March 2023

Why glass is best for packaging spirits

We all strive for a more sustainable future – one which is free from environmental damage and protects our planet for future generations. As industries and businesses make strong commitments to change how they operate, people all over Europe are also taking more and more steps to reduce their environmental footprint. They are clear on their desire to maximize health and well-being through the choices that they make – for the planet, and for themselves – and are equally clear in their expectation that businesses should make it easier for them to affect positive change through their actions.

The glass packaging industry understands this charge and has long been a trusted partner for helping businesses and individuals act in line with these expectations. As we collectively work towards a more sustainable future, we have joined forces with the European container glass federation FEVE in reminding the world what they already love about glass and the value it brings in making that sustainable future a reality.

FEVE created the “Glass Hallmark” to symbolise the commitment industry makes when choosing glass.

Spirits producers are committed to using resources wisely, using more recycled glass and protecting the health and safety of customers. Glass packaging is helping us to meet our level of ambition.

Glass is simple and doesn’t pollute the environment. It is also infinitely recyclable, with endless lives.  By choosing to buy and recycle glass – already considered the most recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging by Europeans – we play our part in protecting the health of our planet. Small actions make a difference!

Glass is a sustainably sound packaging material. Because of its inherent properties that are kept intact also when it is recycled, the glass acts as a safe barrier to external agents, meaning products are safely preserved for longer in glass, even once opened because glass containers can be resealed. This makes glass the natural choice for preserving not only the quality of the product but the health of the people who use it.

Last but not least, glass packaging is the favoured option by our customers because they look for a premium experience, and this is where glass can shine!

We invite you to follow this link and take a deep dive into why glass is the best packaging material for spirits; how glass can help spirits stand out and what are the actions taken to answer consumer demand for sustainability.

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