spiritsNEWS March 2023

#RDQ is back! Responsible Drinking Quiz (RDQ) now in its 2nd year

On 1 March 2023, spiritsEUROPE re-launched an Educational online quiz for adults in 18 European countries and 20 languages to raise awareness about responsible drinking.

The quiz is part of the spirit sector’s commitment made under the European Commission’s Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing to roll out responsible drinking initiatives in all EU Member States by 2030.

The quiz forms part of our broad range of Responsible Drinking Initiatives which are designed to raise awareness about the dos and don’ts of moderate consumption and help shape a social environment supportive of balanced lifestyles.

The quiz provides information, guidance, and answers to key questions such as: How to differentiate between moderate and excessive consumption? When to enjoy a drink and when to refrain? What differences exist between alcoholic beverages?

Raising awareness and increasing knowledge is an important element in the quest to promote responsible drinking behaviour. Brands, companies and producer organisations have been rolling out such initiatives across Europe for many years. Launched in 18 different countries and 20 languages, some of the questions and answers are adapted to local contexts.

It is extremely encouraging to see that, in recent years, positive changes in favour of responsible drinking have started happening across Europe. Heavy episodic drinking, drink-driving, or underage drinking have all broadly declined. This suggests that targeted harm reduction efforts do work. This is both an inspiration and motivation for us to pursue and reinforce our European and local initiatives as is the case with the Responsible Drinking Quiz.

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