spiritsNEWS February 2024

PPWR: Cool-headed Approach Needed in Trilogue Phase
As PPWR negotiations are approaching the finishing line, EU policy makers need to keep their cool and agree robust, yet nuanced rules that will work in practice and make a real difference for the EU’s sustainability journey 
MUP – a Half-Baked Policy which has Failed to Deliver, But Will Go On Regardless
Although it was suggested that MUP would render many benefits, real-life evidence to support these claims is thin, and no beneficial impact on harmful drinkers & the most vulnerable groups was found.
EU Spirits Sector Surpasses €9.07 Billion in Global Exports Amid 2023 Challenges
The EU spirits sector has demonstrated resilience in 2023 in global exports in the face of a challenging year, marked by continued geopolitical tensions and significant inflation
Placing the Single Market at the Heart of the EU
"The EU Single market represents huge untapped potential: what’s not to love?" says Glen Hodgson, Founder & CEO of Free Trade Europa
The Single Market Returns! (And Looks In Pretty Good Shape in Comparison to the US)
"New research comparing the EU and US suggests a strong reservoir of support for making the Single Market a priority again" says Prof. Craig Parsons (University of Oregon and University of Oslo)  
Time to own it, Face it, Stop it - Malta
Thousands of people engaged in a new campaign in Malta. Playing with the idea of “time”, the campaign invites young adults with hard-hitting messages to calmly look at their lifestyle and keep moderation at the core of what they do. 
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