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Until now, the debate about trade has been rather one-sided: one side has stolen all of the headlines and taken to the corridors of the European Parliament. The result has been a narrow and ill-informed debate, which has left many Europeans in the dark about how trade would improve their lives. #TradeNOW wants to rectify this imbalance, making the positive case that trade can be a win-win.

Building on the success of CETANOW, we have launched TradeNOW, for the benefit of those who share the vision of an EU that embraces better trade and innovation, while also protecting Europeans, and doing more to help them adapt to a changing world. 

There are three fundamental principles underpinning #TradeNOW. Firstly, trade allows people to prosper. It means more choice, better quality, and higher standards of living. Further still, trade creates jobs and is the reason why millions of people have an income. Trade puts food on the table. Trade pays the bills. Trade helps your children through school. Without trade, these things would become a struggle for far too many. Secondly, trade and growth go hand in hand. Trade creates unprecedented opportunities for European businesses, especially those which are small to medium sized for which the rest of the world would otherwise remain beyond the horizon. Trade will also be crucial if we want to see the emergence of world-beating European business success stories – and the fact is that when European businesses lead the way, they set the standards around the world.

In a world that seems to be becoming more divided and closed off, European citizens want to secure a Europe that is open. Trade builds bridges, strengthening our ties with our allies, and helping us forge new friendships with the rest of the world.

This is an open invitation for you to join this platform and get your voice heard… NOW more than ever.

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