spiritsNEWS December 2022

Remember emotions, not a blackout!

The objective of LANA (Latvian spirits producers association) with this new campaign is to continue the work started several years ago to lower the rate of binge drinkers in Latvia, in particular among young adults. The campaign is showing the social negative impact of binge drinking while promoting responsible drinking behaviours by using different visual materials and social media.

LANA together with news portal’s delfi.lv division DELFI Brand Studio created a special section in portal called www.delfi.lv/atbildigi. This section aims to educate readers about responsible drinking, inform when not to consume alcohol at all, show most common stereotypes regarding alcohol, consumption and harmful drinking, as well as to educate about calories in alcohol.

Four articles have been published on this special DELFI section.

  • Responsible drinking – this article provided basic information about responsible drinking as well as information taken from previously made infographic called “A Guide to Responsible Drinking”.
  • The most popular myths about alcoholic beverages: this article collected the most popular myths about alcoholic beverages and their consumption, for example, a strong coffee will help you sobering up after a binge drinking section. We all know it is not true, only time helps eliminate ethanol from the blood stream!
  • Five situations in life when you should give up drinking alcoholic beverages– this article collected daily situations when people should give up alcoholic beverages consumption: while breastfeeding, while driving a car, under medication or underage and at workplace when operating machineries.
  • Alcoholic beverages and calories – this article informed readers that in all alcoholic beverages there are calories, and that drinking cocktails and eating snacks only increases calorie intake. The article also refers to the commitment taken by the membership of LANA to provide consumers with energy information on labels as well as the list of ingredients and nutritional information via e-labels from the click of a QR code

The articles were promoted through Facebook & Instagram. The most viewed article was the one “Five situations in life when you should give up drinking alcoholic beverages” (5,550 times) and is also where reders spent most of the time (over 10 minutes on average)

A pre and post evaluation was organised by a research company (Norstat) and surveyed 600+ participants between 18 to 35 years.

Positive changes compared to the campaign in 2021: people awareness on drinking guidelines has increased from 46% to 53%, which means that by now, more than half of those interviewed have a correct knowledge and understanding of what are the low-risk drinking guidelines in Latvia. However, it takes time to move from knowledge to behaviour: the survey shows that harmful alcohol consumption trend remains approximately the same to the years before.

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