Extra ressources

There are a number of organisations (non-exhaustive list) that are instrumental to our work, be it on scientific data to inform  prevention programmes, marketing activities, etc.  These are in addition to the organisations operating at national level delivering prevention programmes that are listed under www.drinksinitiatives.eu.

International Alliance for Responsible Drinking  (IARD) 



IARD is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing the global public health issue of harmful drinking. IARD is also committed to promoting responsible drinking worldwide, and acknowledge that this can only be achieved by a collective effort shared by governments, producers, retailers, consumers, and civil society. As a global public health NGO, IARD works together with these stakeholders to promote policy dialogue, assess the evidence, and seek local solutions to harmful drinking globally.  A great deal of resources is available on the website from overview of key legislations across the world, science and policy information as well as prevention programme developments.

European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) 

ETSC is a Brussels-based independent non-profit making organisation dedicated to reducing the numbers of deaths and injuries in transport in Europe (including under alcohol influence). Founded in 1993, ETSC provides an impartial source of expert advice on transport safety matters to the European Commission, the European Parliament, and Member States. It maintains its independence through funding from a variety of sources including membership subscriptions, the European Commission, and public and private sector support for various activities. 

European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA)

EASA promotes responsible advertising in commercial communications by means of effective self-regulation, while being mindful of national differences in culture, as well as legal and commercial practice. EASA members consist of both national self-regulatory organisations (SROs) and, since 2001, also industry associations.  Both are represented throughout EASA's structure on a co-equal basis. At national level, the SRO is generally responsible for applying the codes governing alcohol advertising, by handling any complaints (including cross-border complaints) but also monitoring the advertising and often offering copy advice and pre-clearance services. 


Pan-European Campaign promotign responsible drinking

on 10 May 2022, spiritsEUROPE launched a new educational online quiz for adults in 12 European countries and 13 languages to raise awareness about responsible drinking. The quiz is part of the spirit sector’s commitment made under the European Commission’s Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing to roll out responsible drinking initiatives in all EU Member States by 2030.


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